Wifi deauthentication attack step by step

wifi deauthentication attack

Everybody is getting connected to internet through wifi hotspots. Few are open and most of them are secured. But mostly the secured networks also have too many connections that it disturbs the speed of internet. In this tutorial, we’ll describe how we can disconnect wifi users from network remotely to get ultimate performance of your network. This technique is also known as wifi de-authentication attack. Let’s do wifi deauthentication attack step by step.


  1. Kali Linux
  2. Wifi Card (It must be encryption supported. i.e: Alfa AWUS036H)

Wifi deauthentication attack step by step:

  1. Run Kali Linux and open up a terminal.
  2. Connect your wifi card to the machine and put it in ‘Monitor Mode‘ by typing this command in the terminal ‘iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor‘. You can check the mode by typing ‘iwconfig‘ in the terminal.
  3. Now start capturing packets by typing the command ‘airodump-ng wlan0‘. My card name is wlan0, you may have a different name. Type the one of yours. As you hit enter after typing the command as shown in the screenshot, it’ll start capturing packets like in the screenshots.              wifi deauthentication attack step by step 2
  4. Now choose a ESSID of your network and note it’s BSSID and it’s channel named as CH.
  5. Type the command ‘airodump-ng –bssid xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx –channel 1 wlan0‘ in the terminal to capture your networks packet. Replace  xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx with your own BSSID as you can see in the above screenshot.
  6. After that type this command to disconnect the specific device from the network. Station means the devices that are connected as shown above. Let’s see how to disconnect it in the following screenshot.  If you want for long to disconnect the device, replace the 10000 with a large number. As large number we put, the longer device will be down.                                                                                               3
  7. Type the above command and hit enter, it’ll start sending de-authentication packets. Replace E4:6F:13:03:E9:CD with your bssid  that you choosed in step 3 second figure and 78:34:00:00:C9:DE with the Station that you want to disconnect from the network.

This is all we have done wifi deauthentication attack step by step. Hope it’ll work for you. If it didn’t work, you can see the following video tutorial on how to do it step by step. If you have any query, type a comment below. Thanks


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