Python is the most popular programming language when it comes to hacking and security. Python is there on the top of the list with hacking. Every hacker or penetration tester goes with python coding and scripts. Python is still very dominant language in the world of cyber security, even if the conversation about language of choice sometimes looks more like a war. Python programming based tools include all sort of fuzzers, proxies, and even the most dangerous exploits. Exploit frameworks like CANVAS are totally written in Python as more are obscure tools like PyEmu or Sulley. So, here’s top ethical & black hat python books about learning python used for hacking.Top Ethical & Black Hat Python Books - Hacking Handbooks

Top Ethical & Black Hat Python Books

I have streamlined most popular and top ethical and black hat python books.

1. Black Hat Python PDF

This is the least fun—but nevertheless critical—part of the book, where we walk through setting up an environment in which to write and test Python. We are going to do a crash course in setting up a Kali Linux virtual machine (VM) and installing a nice IDE so that you have everything you need to develop code. By the end of this chapter, you should be ready to tackle the exercises and code examples in the remainder of the book.

  • Setting Up Your Python Environment
  • The Network: Basics
  • The Network: Raw Sockets and Sniffing
  • Owning the Network with Scapy
  • Web Hacker
  • Extending Burp Proxy
  • GitHub Command and Control
  • Common Trojaning Tasks on Windows
  • Fun with Internet Explorer
  • Windows Privilege Escalation
  • Automating Offensive Forensics

Download: Download Black Hat Python PDF

2. Beginning Ethical Hacking With Python PDF

This book is intended for complete programming beginners or general people who know nothing about any programming language but want to learn ethical hacking. Let us clear it first: Ethical Hacking is not associated with any kind of illegal electronic activities. They always stay within laws. This book is intended for those people – young and old – who are creative and curious and who want to develop a creative hobby or take up internet security profession acting as ethical hacker. Keeping that in mind we’ll also learn Python 3 programming language to enhance our skill as ethical hackers.

This book is not intended for any kind of malicious user. If anyone tries to use this book or any type of code examples from this book for illegal purpose this book will take no moral responsibility for that malicious behaviors. If you think that you can use this book for any malicious purpose then you are advised to read the first chapter “Legal Side of Ethical Hacking”. I hope you won’t like the idea of ending up in jail by harming some other systems.

Download: Beginning Ethical Hacking With Python PDF Download

3. Python Web Penetration Testing Cookbook PDF

This book is for penetration testers looking for quick access to powerful, modern tools and customizable scripts to kick-start the creation of their own Python web penetration testing toolbox. Gathering Open Source Intelligence, covers a set of recipes for collecting information from freely available sources. Enumeration, guides you through creating scripts to retrieve the target information from websites and validating potential credentials. Vulnerability Identification, covers recipes based on identifying potential vulnerabilities on websites, such as Cross-site scripting, SQL Injection, and outdated plugins. SQL Injection, covers how to create scripts that target everyone’s favorite web application vulnerability. Web Header Manipulation, covers scripts that focus specifically on the collection, control, and alteration of headers on web applications. Image Analysis and Manipulation, covers recipes designed to identify, reverse, and replicate steganography in images. Encryption and Encoding, covers scripts that dip their toes into the massive lake that is encryption. Payloads and Shells, covers a small set of proof of concept C2 channels, basic post-exploitation scripts, and on server enumeration tools. Reporting, covers scripts that focus to make the reporting of vulnerabilities easier and a less painful process.

Download: Download Python Web Penetration Testing Cookbook PDF

4. Cracking Codes with Python Book

It teaches basic programming concepts using the Python programming language, which is one of the best languages for beginners. It has a gentle learning curve that novices of all ages can master, yet it’s also a powerful language used by professional software developers. Python runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and even the Raspberry Pi, and it’s free to download and use.

A hacker can be a person who studies a system (such as the rules of a cipher or a piece of software) to understand it so well that they’re not limited by that system’s original rules and can modify it in creative ways. A hacker can also be a criminal who breaks into computer systems, violates people’s privacy, and causes damage. This book uses the term in the first sense. Hackers are cool. Criminals are just people who think they’re being clever by breaking stuff.

Download: Download Cracking Codes with Python Book