Top 10 Network Monitoring Software for Penetration Testers

top 10 network monitoring software

Cybersecurity is a massively growing field considering data breaches and hacks can serve as existential threats to a business. They are major, costly inconveniences to businesses and can even cause their demise.

For this reason, cybersecurity, on a discounted present value basis, is valued at around $6 trillion globally.

We are living in a busy routine of life in which technology and networking are becoming strong day by day as the time passes. In simple terms, a Network is created when more than one computer or any other gadget or device is connected to internet.

Network monitory is a large scale network in IT industry. Networking monitoring is a tough process of IT industry in which all the network monitoring is covered like performance to maintain and to make best their availability. Networking monitoring should be proactive and that is the one important thing of it. It may be helpful to prevent from failure if you have an efficient networking monitoring system. E

xplore the top 10 network monitoring software to take control over your network.

 Top 10 Network Monitoring Software

There’s hundreds of networking tools available in the market, but to keep the list meaningful and short, we enlisted the top 10 network monitoring software below.

1. Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor

Solarwinds network performance monitor can be setup easily in no time and can be ready to use in a very short time. The tools of the network monitoring gadgets discovers automatically and ready almost within sixty minutes. This product is customizable and you can use it easily through it’s GUI interface and you also have an option to change its interface if you desire. You can change its interface like my profile, dashboard, views, charts, web performance etc. the software is bought according to our need ‘how we want to use and what quantity we use. This software gives the license for use starting from $1995 and it expires within one year.

2. PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler

PRTG Network Monitor software provides advanced infrastructures management capabilities. All the applications, systems, gadgets can be easily showed in your network by a numbering view that tells about the performance and alerts. It is known as best organization in which there in not compulsory to have high experience in network monitoring but it can be use with low experience. It is very easy to use user interface of PRTG Network and it is very powerful. Pricing plan of PRTG is flexible ,if you want to get then visit the official webpage of PRGT Network.

3. ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager have different monitoring software like an infrastructures, application performance management and network monitoring. When this product occurs to features and monitoring then the product is accurate balanced. The solution will be able to manage your server, network, network configuration and fault & shown. This also have the capacity to your network signals. If you are interested to run it , it is compulsory to be install on-premises. One of the best function of this product is that it occurs with pre-configured network monitor gadget.

4. WhatsUp Gold 2017

Whatsup Gold 2017 is a network monitoring software related to Ipswitch. Ipswitch stands for transfer files and have to secure files. This can be used very easily and highly tools in the market according to the numbers. The dashboard related to user friendly and user attractive. For IT department it is customizable you can set use it with your desire and it is balanced networking monitoring device. Dashboards will always be ready to customize to display that you have requirements. The newest version of software is 2017 plus versions are real time monitoring, hybrid cloud monitoring and manual failover and automatic. This is used to support the limited OS windows , it is not able to support all windows.

5. Zabbix

Zabbix Is an unlocked origin monitoring tool. It has become very popular because its use is very easy and simple and this is one of the property of zabbix. Zabbix compelled on monitoring and current features. The main purpose of the software is that it is used to monitor hardware related to networks and services. This is an open source and online community around the whole earth. Zabbix provides you to use these sources and find solution compleytely free and with freedom. Zabbix proved a powerful software for SMB networks. Its disadvange is that it don’t take report and tests.

6. Incinga

It is also a service monitoring tool and unblocked origin infrastructures. It was advanced in two thousand nine by the same group thad developed Nagios. It is an elastic tool and the use of Incinga is very easy. This software highly compelles on services and monitoring. The tool has features lite that alert, report, great analysis etc. It is open source therefore there is no need to take license or any type of permission , you can use it total freely.

Since it is free so you can get easily that you want without any type of objection.

7. Datadog

Data base has ability to monitor the concert sevices, applications, network and gadgets. Datadog has on important feature is that it gives flexibleness from application application which have the best documentation. It’s very easy to use this software and provides an easy way to install it. It can be setup in no time and takes very short time to run. The users download and install it because of its easiest use. Users always be ready to use it at various platforms like that linux, unix, Mac OS, windows etc. Datadog takes five hosts free after that if you take host you have to pay its price.

8. Connectwise Automate

It is new monitoring solution and new based manager that has the ability to track in only one location of your IT gadgets. This software has one cool functionality that is “patch management”, as it gives you permission to safe systems from consolidate manager. I prefer to use third party software windows or patch management. Connetwise automate is pointed at SMBS. If you want to get license or buy to use this software then go at the official site and get its original prices of you networking software according to your need.

9. Logic Monitor

Logic monitor is also related to information technology department monitoring gadget. You can see the complete performance of your network and also get position of your network at whose condition it is placed. Logic monitor has ability to discover automatically IT devices and monitoring networks. This software also gives the very good performance and excellent condition of your network. It proved helpful in finding the issues of your network by giving some predicate and analysis. It gives the top level dashboard according to your desire therefore it has become very popular. If you are interested you can get its price on the official website.

10. OP5 Monitor

OP5 is used for giving solutions at business level monitoring. You are able to monitor apps, servers, networks, memory, pointing the location in a public or private cloud by using OP5 monitor.

It is also have features like Nagios means that migrates from Nagios is very easy and can re use with plugins.

Its features like that:

  • It has completely customized dashboards
  • It gives the friendly user defined interface
  • It has the Reporting Custom
  • Automatation is also added in this features

OP5 can be used free almost in twenty devices after that you have to pay its price and the pricing plans of OP5 monitor depends on your requirements what you want.

These are the top of the line network monitoring software to completely analyze your network and take full control over the network. We might find more powerful network monitoring tools but for now these are the best ones. If you have any other that you think is better than these, please feel free to let us know. So, we can add up in the list.


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