RainbowCrack 1.7 – An Ultimate Password Cracking Tool

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RainbowCrack is a very classy and one of the most powerful password cracking tool that works on the rainbow tables to break the passwords. It’s not like the simple brute force attacks while it breaks into the user password through the pre-computed tables known as the rainbow tables. One of the best thing in Rainbow tables, this process reduces the time unlike the brute force. As we know in the brute force attacks, hash cracker produces all the possible combinations in the plain text format and computes and compares with the password hash it cracks and once it finds the match of the password, it’s all done but if it doesn’t find the perfect match of the plain text then all the cracked hashes result are discarded.


This powerful cracker was designed and developed by the Zhu Shuanglei and comes with an implemented time-memory-trade-off crypto analysis attacks which are origintated by PHilippe Oechslin’s Ophcrack. Rainbow Crack uses the one of the best cracking hashes algorigthm called time-memory tradeoff.

Key Features

  • Rainbow tables supported for all type of hashes algorithms
  • Rainbow tables supported for all type of charset
  • Raw file format .rt and compact file format .rtc supported
  • Multi core processor computation supported
  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Acceleration with any powerful GPU like NVIDIA, AMD etc.
  • Compatible to Windows and Linux operating system
  • Supports rainbow table file formats on all compatible operating systems
  • CMD and GUI Interface.

RainbowCrack Download

Click here to download RainbowCrack.


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