Don’t be mad at OnlyFans for banning explicit content. Blame Mastercard.

The background

Last week, OnlyFans announced that they will ban explicit content beginning in October. Many people were confused because that’s essentially what OnlyFans is all about. It’s like Google announcing that it will no longer be a search engine or Netflix announcing that it’ll no longer stream shows and movies.

The “real” reason

Mastercard has introduced new rules as of October. The rules require adult content sites to verify every user and post.

OnlyFans will need to hire hundreds, if not thousands of people to ensure compliance. It will need to invest millions of dollars in new processes.

Sometimes the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, and choosing the path of least resistance, as OnlyFans did, is the most logical choice even if it’s not great.

OnlyFans can also pivot in one way or another. Crypto?