Is the World Moving Away from Passwords?

Microsoft said that all of its accounts, from Outlook to Xbox, can now be accessed without a password. Are we increasingly moving to a world with no passwords?

In Microsoft’s case, this means you’ll be able to log in by using some combination of:

  • fingerprint and facial recognition
  • Microsoft’s authenticator app, and
  • a verification code sent to your email

This has been planned for years.

Microsoft launched its first version of passwordless logins in 2018. That way, people could get rid of storing physical copies of their passwords around their house or posted to their computers.

Sometimes people’s biggest risk to themselves is… themselves.

According to the company, since then, over 200 million users have opted to go password-free lifestyle.

Big picture

Other tech companies like Google and Apple have also been working on passwordless authentication to increase security on their own accounts.

Not only is it more convenient to scan your finger or face for email access, the no password approach is also more secure.

Hackers will have a much easier time breaking into your email when you’ve been using slightly altered versions of “Password123” as a password for the last 10 years.

It’s much harder to steal a biometric such as a fingerprint or a code sent directly to their phone.

Bottom line

Microsoft said that the big shift toward digital during the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated its push for passwordless authentication.

The no password approach will continue to gain steam among other tech giants as well.

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