Mac OS – Not Safe as from Cyberattacks as You Think

mac os cyberattacks
Apple is a well-known hardware and software brand and is one of the market leaders in this market segment. Apple is well known for its revolutionary products like iPhones, iPads, and the Macbook. Apple is known for the premium price, which they charge for the safety and secured feature of their Mac Operating System. The Mac Operating System has features that defend it against the attacks of viruses, trojans, and worms, claimed by Apple and its rich vein of engineers, designers, and software specialists. But off late, a chink in the defense mechanism of Apple software has come into the light. Studies conducted by Malwares- a well-known software firm, recently came out with startling data, which said that it observed that cyber-attacks and infections in Mac-based devices grew by about 400 percent. It can also be argued that the number of Mac users also grew by the right name, but the alarming situation is that the number of attacks on Mac devices increased by about a double then as reported by users of its nearest competitors and another market giant Windows operating system users. This sudden rise in the attacks upon Mac-based devices can be attributed as the popularity of Apple’s Mac-based devices has grown many folds. This has motivated nuisance creators to develop specially designed malware and viruses aimed at breaking down Apple’s famed defense systems. Apple’s engineers have also realized this situation, and they have already engaged themselves in developing an ever-stronger defense mechanism. Apple’s technological expertise is leaving no stones unturned in repairing those cracks in their defenses, which have caused attackers to target their made devices. Apple’s brand image and promise, which has led users to turn towards their products, is severely impacted by this recent spate of attacks. If Apple doesn’t keep up to its promise, the customers’ believe and their trust can be severely damaged. But Apple is expected to come out strong from this situation. They will leave no stones unturned in resolving all the issues which they discover and need to mend. They are focused on solving the problem quickly and regaining their customer’s trust and brand image. Apple is a brand that has a history of growing from strength to strength and taking up challenges by the scruff of the neck. Although the reports of the growing incidents of attacks on Apple-made devices, is fast spreading in the technology market; Apple has the expertise to cope up with the situation and adapt quickly to the changing scenario. With the fast-moving technology market expected to grow even faster than ever, Apple and its proud products of iPad, iPhones, and Macbook are likely to come out stronger than before and again announcing their market leadership to the world. They are channelized in a focused manner to regain their top slot in the hardware and software technology domain sooner than later, and that is the Apple true and genuine promise.

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