Learn How to Hack for Beginners Free – Beginner’s Hacking Guide

learn how to hack for beginners free

Hacking have taken over everything with the growing technology. Each day new technology gadget and gears are getting introduced in the market. Few years back there wasn’t a concept of mobile phone but now every kid is having a smartphone in their pocket. Big giant ordinary television transformed into slim and smart LEDs. Computers with tons of equipments have been packed into a small box with powerful things inside. 

With the technology evolution, threats to privacy also have raised to peak. Every new gadget opens more doors to the intruders and hackers and threat to your privacy. There’s not a single machine which can guarantee hundred percent of security. Every day hundreds of devices get hacked and confidential information is leaked to the world. So, in this article we have lined up all the most commonly used hacking techniques and tools for the users to learn how to hack for beginners free. 

Note: This article is for ethical use and educational purposes only.

Learn How to Hack for Beginners Free

There’s thousands of devices which make threat to online privacy and tons of ways to penetrate into these devices. Explore all the major hack type which might affect your privacy. Learn how to hack for beginners free and secure from all these type of hacks.

1. Computer Hacking

Computer is the one of the main device that opened up the big gates to the hacking world. All the personal activities and business matters have been moved to the computers. Each company migrated from the ordinary business management to the centralized computer management system for their business activities. With the rise of computers in the business industry, it made confidential information more open to the hackers and intruders.

Computers can be hacked so easily and can get all the personal data leaked with just few simple techniques. There’s one reason why hacking a computer is very easy and simple than the other devices because most of the organization doesn’t train their employees for the complete computer operations and security measurements. Every company should give proper training to the employee for a secure system. 

So, how computers can be hacked? Well, there’s tons of ways a computer can be hacked. Some needs physical access to the machine while some can hack a computer remotely. There’s are most common way hackers use to get into a computer is through a tool known as RAT (Remote Administration Tool). 

There’s tons of remote administration tools in the market that can easily let intruder hack into a computer remotely. Some most popular are:

  1. Nanocore
  2. Blackshades
  3. NjRAT
  4. JSpy
  5. DarkComet

You can explore a list of all the top remote administration tools of 2020. As most the beginners don’t know how to work with these tools. Well, to make it easier for the newbies we have made some complete step by step tutorials to hack a computer remotely with these RATs that can lead to learn how to hack for beginners free. You can check out this how to hack a computer remotely with njrat or even can learn hacking a computer remotely with Kali Linux as well . 

There are some other ways as well to hack into the computers but this is the most common method which hackers use to get into a remote computer. And plus point is this method has a huge success ratio.

2. Smartphone Hacking

Mobile phone have evolved to the next level and became smart with the passage of time. As we all know these smartphones have taken over all the things which we were used to do on a computer. Now smartphones gives you all of your computer operations in your hand. Sending an email, managing business meetings, official video conferences and meeting as well entertainment like watching movies, playing games and all the other things are now accessible through a smartphone.

Smartphone’s one of the major usage is a personal messaging conversations and email usage for the work. As smartphones make life easier and all the things accessible from your hand, it also gave birth to some privacy threats that any personal messaging conversation, private media or other business confidential information can be hacked which can put victim through a hard time. 

Questions rises how these smartphones can be hacked? Well answer is very straight forward and easy. Smartphones can be hacked through various methods but like the computer hacking, smartphones can be hacked through remote administration tools easily and that’s the reason this method is very popular and most common that every intruder tr to get into a remote mobile phone using some android rats.

There’s tons of remote administration tools in the market that can easily let intruder hack into a computer remotely. Some most popular are:

  1. AndroRAT
  2. SpyMax
  3. DroidJack
  4. SpyNote
  5. Dendroid

You can explore a list of all the top android remote administration tools of 2020. As most the beginners don’t know how to work with these tools. It might be tricky for most of the users to hack a smartphone using these tools. So to overcome this issue, we have made complete step by step tutorials on how to hack a smartphone remotely. You can explore the following tutorials to learn how to hack for beginners free.

  1. Hacking a smartphone remotely using androrat
  2. Hack smartphone remotely using droidjack
  3. Hack any android phone remotely with spynote

You would probably learn all to hack a smartphone with these complete step by step tutorials designed for the beginners as well for the pros. Also explore the list of 25 top Android hacking apps of 2020.

3. Facebook Hacking

Facebook is the world’s giant social network where each day millions of people post and make conversations with their friends and family. Everybody uses facebook for chatting with their buddies and what if these conversations can be hacked and leaked to the open world? It might become scary if any confidential information get leaked. 

Is it really possible to hack a facebook account? Of course it’s possible with various techniques. Some of the most common techniques that can lead to fb account hack are as follow: 

  1. Hacking a Facebook Account through Phishing
  2. Hijacking Cookies to Takeover a Facebook Account
  3. Hacking a Facebook Account through Desktop Phishing

There’s variety of other methods as well but these are the most common with highest success ratio.

4. Website Hacking

Online information works on the websites also known as www (world wide web). All the internet is a combination of different networks which host websites. These websites share information with the world. There’s various type of websites some are personal while other are for business. Every website over the internet can be a victim of the attack. Each day hundreds of the websites get hacked and it’s user’s data is leaked.

If a website’s data gets into the wrong hands it might make a real hard problem. Question is how these website are hacked? Answer isn’t that simple to this type of hacking as websites are hosted on different networks and to hack into a website is a bit difficult unlike the computer hacking. 

There’s plenty of ways to hack a website, it depends on the security loophole. Hacker keeps on testing all the different options until he finds a security loophole with any of these methods. These are the most commonly used website hacking methods by the penetration testers and hackers.

  1. Website Hacking with SQL Injection
  2. Hacking a Website with XXS or Cross Site Scripting
  3. CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) Exploitation
  4. RFI (Remote File Inclusion) Attack

There are plenty of other ways but these are the most commonly used website hacking methods. If a website is powered with WordPress then you can check out the following dedicated ways to hack a wordpress based website.

  1. Hack a WordPress Wesbite with SQLMap
  2. WordPress Website Hacking with WPScan

Hope these articles will give a wide angle of understanding and you will learn all about website hacking with these most popular methods to hack a website.

5. Wireless Hacking (WiFi Hacking)

Internet connections have moved to Wireless from the ordinary wired connections. It made very hassle free and flexible connectivity. Devices can be connected to the internet no matter you are on the sofa or on the bed, can easily access the internet.

As data is transmitted through the WiFi in the air it opens many security loopholes as you network can be accessed or hacked for free internet. Data packets can be captures and personal or confidential information can get into dirty hands which might put in serious trouble.

There’s tons of software and tools which let you get into someone’s wireless network and can help you to capture packets as well. You can check out few of the most popular wireless hacking related tools and tutorials.

  1. How to Hack a Wifi Password
  2. Wifi Deauthentication Attack
  3. Wireshark Network Analyzer
  4. CowPatty Wifi Password Cracking Tool
  5. Aircrack-ng

There’s plenty of other tools and apps for wifi hacking and analysis. 

6. IP Hacking

IP (Internet Protocol) address is the unique address allocated to the each user over the internet. Every user over the internet has a unique IP address that no other can have all over the world. In simple world, it’s like a home address that no other can have the same address as yours. And data is trasmmitted over the IP address among different machines.

IP address can be hacked easily that can leak your connection information as well your home location from where you accessing the internet. Anybody can get to your home if he know your IP and can track down like just in hollywood movies. There’s many ways to garb someone’s IP address.

Some of best ip grabbers out can check out in this article. And if you are playing the games and wanted to know your opponent players IP, you can use the Octosniff Xbox IP sniffer. Even you can find out the IP address of the skype users by their username and can know from where they are originally connected. You can downloaad skype resolver that can resolve skype username IP addresses.

Final Verdict

For the newbie, it’s quite hard to find out from where he can get hands on practice. This article covers all the basic and most commonly used hacked devices and methods or strategies to perform the attack. This is a complete guide to learn how to hack for beginners free of cost. This article makes the following terms clear for the beginners to get started on the hack track.

  1. Computer hacking and how it gets hacked.
  2. Smartphone hacking and how to be on the safe side.
  3. Facebook hacking that can let your social space get compromised.
  4. Types of website hacking and how it’s done.
  5. How wireless networks can be hacked.
  6. What is IP address and how to grab and locate someone through IP address.

Hope you learned pretty much from this article. Just dive into these and experiment how it works. If you face any issue or have a query, feel free to ping in the comment box. 


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