Emails are the great way of communication and to reach out to the people you want to connect to, but what if it gets annoying that you get emails from unwanted senders or someone that may be a trouble making for you. Here’s a simple way how to trace email sender that who is sending and from where email is sent. This will help you in locating the person who have been making problem for you, so you can take legal action against them.

So, how to trace email sender?

Every email client have different settings and variations. So, here we are only discussing major two email providers.


In Gmail:

  • Click on down arrow near to Reply & click on Show original.
  • It’ll show complete information about the sender including it’s IP.

In Yahoo:

  • Go to Actions> Full Headers
  • Header Field consists of:
    • From: Email Address where the Email has come from.
    • To: Email Address of the destination.
    • Subject: Subject of the Email
    • Date: The Local Time of the server when the message was sent.
    • Bcc: Blind Carbon Copy
    • Cc: Carbon copy
    • Content-Type: Information about how the message has to be displayed, usually a MIME type
    • n-Reply-To: Message-ID of the message that this is a reply to.
    • Received: Tracking information generated by mail servers that have previously handled a message
    • References: Message-ID of the message that this is a reply to, and the message-id of this message
    • Reply-To: Address that should be used to reply to the sender.
As you locate the IP address of the sender from the email, then go to IP2Location for finding the address of the sender. In yahoo you can also check it within under X-Originating-IP.
That’s all. It’s very simple way to trace email sender. Hope it would make you free from your worries.