Hacker’s Food: Learn Python the Hard Way PDF

Learn Python the Hard Way PDF Book

Learn the most popular programming language in terms of security and penetration testing from this great book Learn Python the Hard Way PDF.

Python is one of the most used programming language for hacking and penetration testing. To get your hands on practice to learn this programming language for penetration testing and hack, get this book and learn the Python from scratch. This book gave life to thousand of Python learners with it’s easy to learn tactics.

Author: Zed Shaw

This book is authored by Zed Shaw for learning Python. This book is totally focused on the practical Python learning from beginner to expert level. It has over 50 great exercises. It’s very simple to learn as you get the program and understand it and then run in as you learn from the book. It will make you learn how programs works, how to write and read and most importantly act like a coder to tackle the bugs and other issues smoothly.

Learn Python the Hard Way PDF

In this book, you will learn in depth Python coding to write your own great programs. Check out all the useful lessons you will get.

  • Installation and Configuration of Python Coding Environment
  • Writing and Organizing the Code
  • Mathematics Operations
  • Strings, Variables and Plain Text
  • Logics and Loops
  • Data Structures
  • How to Interact with Users
  • Designing a Program
  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  • Classes, Obects and Modules
  • Inheritance and Composition
  • Python Debugging and Packaging
  • Python Game and Web Development

Get Learn Python the Hard Way PDF

Click here to read the book ‘Learn Python the Hard Way PDF’ or buy a print copy and get hands on to the Python coding.


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