How to Hack any Android Phone Remotely with SpyNote?

hack any android phone remotely

Smartphones have taken over the computers and laptops. They just rushed into everyone’s life in this modern age. Computers are getting replaced with these mobile devices which you can use on the go. Did you ever think to hack into someone’s smartphone to spy on messages, calls and anything you love to do remotely? Wanted to monitor your child’s smartphone activity? If yes, here I will show you how to hack any android phone remotely.

Note: This tutorial is only for educational purpose.

How to Hack any Android Phone Remotely?


Following are the requirements to get started.

  1. Java Installed PC
  2. SpyNote (Remote Administration Tool), download it from here.
  3. Dynamic IP ( host)
  4. DUC ( client)
  5. Victim

Steps to hack any android phone remotely

  1. Download and install JAVA from Oracle official website.
  2. Download SpyNote from here. You can also download other versions of SpyNote v4SpyNote v5 or SpyNote v6.
  3. Now we need a dynamic host/IP. Simply go to and sign up. After signup click on Add Host and enter any name for your host and click Save Host.
  4. After creating host, download DUC from here.
  5. Now we need to port forward from our router’s settings. For this we need to know our gateway IP. Simply go to Command Prompt and type ipconfig. It will give your gateway IP.
  6. Open up the browser and paste your gateway IP and hit enter. It’ll prompt for username and password. You can find username and password under your router. By default it’s admin for username and password.
  7. As you give username and password, you’ll see router settings page. Navigate to Port Forwarding option. Click on Add a Port and enter port 1337 and save. Do it again for the port 2222. You can put any port you want to use.
  8. Every thing’s great till now. Let’s create an APK server for the smartphone. Extract and open the folder of SpyNote. It’ll be having an application named as SpyNote.exe. Just open it, as you open it will ask for the port to listen. Enter 2222 port here and we’re in the SpyNote GUI.
  9. Next, click on the Tools tab and click on Build button.
  10. As you hit on Build button, you’ll see a screen like below. you just need to change your host name that you just created on Just change that and other settings you can change if you want to. And hit the Build button.
  11. After hitting Build button, it’ll create APK server in the output folder.
  12. Now we just need to copy the APK to the smartphone and have to install it. You can do social engineering to convince them to install the APK.
  13. As it’ll get installed, you’ll be able to see the notification of client connection to the SpyNote and it’ll appear in the main screen.
  14. Congratulations..!!! You’re into the victim’s phone now. To perform any action on the smartphone, Right click on the user that just appeared in the SpyNote window.
  15. Here you can see many actions that you can perform on the smartphone in the above screenshot. Just click on any action you want to execute.

That’s all..:) You have done all to hack any android phone remotely.

Video demonstration to hack any android phone remotely

Hope it will work for you. If you find out any issues, feel free to query below.


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63 thoughts on “How to Hack any Android Phone Remotely with SpyNote?

    1. As you’re using internet through your mobile phone, most of the mobile data providers do not give access to the gateway IP. You can contact your mobile data provider and ask them whether they allow you to access gateway IP or not.

  1. Sir after doing this do we have a permanent access of victims device?
    Till the app is installed in victims device…

    1. Yes, you’ll have access to the phone until victim figures it out that he’s been hacked and finds out the app in the app manager an un-install it.

  2. Hello sir iam not able to install spynote it is throwing up java error when i install java into particular folder again it shows builder not found error.please help me to install this software.i have latest java installed on my pc

        1. It works fine, please make sure to follow all the steps properly. Specially focus on the port forwarding and test it out by

  3. Hey sir, can u help me? The process of building the app lasts for an hour (and finally the app isn’t created). How can I solve this?

  4. First, I would like to thank you for your awesome website. My question is: can I bind a fake “apk” with a real one?

  5. Sir, I am using mobile Internet through cable, will spynote work without port forwarding using proXPN client? Please reply

    1. No, it wouldn’t work without it. It’s an essential part. You may consult to your mobile data provider whether they provide access to Gateway IP, as most of mobile data providers do not allow access to it.

  6. Have done Everything as Written but here, but on installing the app in my mobile i cannot see any device in spynote. Please help.

  7. Bro, Is this method not working anymore ! I tried everything that’s written , but no devices are showing on spynote after installing the apk on victims phone.

  8. While i am installing the build app it is showing an error like “problem parsing the package”…..How to solve this ?

  9. ok suppose i’ve done everything you mentioned above but on next day i’m using Internet by my phone usb (not by wifi or router) will it work u reply so late can i get you any social media handle so we can talk about some solutions and i want to donate some money so.

  10. Hi bro, is it possibke to use spynote windows in anyplace in the world or only with the router we used first ? Thanks.

    1. Once you get the victim, you can control it from anywhere in the world setting up the configurations you made during server apk creation.

  11. Hello sir. I downloaded Spynote 3.2 from your site but it didn’t worked. After I tried SpyNote 5 from your site it worked perfectly for my desktop…. On every other PC that I used both of them, they didn’t worked… Could you help me???

  12. Are there any other methods to access gateway IP (for port forwarding)? Coz I don’t have a wi-fi router

    1. There’s no other way. You must have access to IP. If you don’t have a router, contact your ISP for gateway IP whether they allow access to it or not.

  13. can we do anything in file manager or we just have read access ?

    I need to delete a file from the victims phone. does it work?

  14. I don’t find my phone on the app . I download in smartephone and is no working I open port and host name

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