A remote administration tool (RAT) is a programmed tool that allows a remote device to control a system as if they have physical access to that system. While desktop sharing and remote administration have many legal uses, “RAT” software is usually associated with unauthorized or malicious activity. NjRat is one of the best RATs. It allows you to access a remote computer and easily to do any remote task. In this tutorial, I will let you know how to hack a computer remotely with njRat.

How to hack a computer remotely with njRat?


  1. njRat (Remote Administration Tool).
  2. Dynamic IP/Host.
  3. DUC (Noip.com Client)
  4. Open port.


  1. Download njRat v0.8 as it’s updated version. You can also work with any older version if you want to.
  2. Go to noip.com website and sign up. After sign up, you will see a field like below to enter the host name. Put any name in there, choose any tld from the drop down menu and hit Add Host button. noip host name for njRat
  3. Ok. Let’s open up the njRat and start building the server.  As you’ll open up, a pop up will appear like given in the below screenshot. Please enter a port you want to use. I would recommend default port 1605. Enter 1605 and hit Ok button.                                                                                              njRat start screen
  4. After hitting Ok, click on the Build button. And fill all the fields as I have done in the screenshot. Please make sure you enter your own Host name in the host field. Enter port 1605. In victim name, you can put any name you want. KeyLogs size is ok with 20. Chooes the directory where you want your server to reside. And give it’s exe name. You can also use icon by marking on Icon. But I am not gonna use it for now.                           njRat Build Settings
  5. As you hit Build button, you will be asked to enter a name, put any name and click on Save. It’ll start creating the server. You’ll see a success dialog box. Now server is ready to spread to other computers. You can send it to someone through online files or by any physical way. Make sure to zip it before copying to any physical medium.
  6. Now we need to port forward. It’s a bit tricky part. For that, I have created and posted a video tutorial.
  7. Download the DUC and put your noip.com username and password.
  8. All set… We’re good to go now. As someone will open our created server on their machine, they will be in our hand and will appear in the njRat window. You can perform any action on the victim computer that you want.

That’s all..:) Hope you have learnt how to hack a computer remotely with njRat. If you encounter any problem, feel free to query through commenting below. Cheers..:)