Download zAnti APK – Android Penetration Testing Toolkit

download zanti apk for android

Download zAnti APK for Android and keep doing penetration testing on the go with this powerful toolkit.

ZAnti is a very powerful toolkit for Android devices for the penetration testers and IT researchers to perform security research and hacking techniques on the smartphones anywhere anytime. To experience full functionality of the app, you need to root your phone. If it’s not rooted, some of the features might not work as expected. Most of the hacking operations and tasks will require for root access. So, make sure to root the phone first.

Initially, zAnti had two version, one was free with limited features and the second one was premium version which was paid. Luckily after sometime, all the premium features were added to the free version and made it completely free for all. It gives the opportunity to secure your privacy in the world of cyber. As people share all the activities from Morning walks to going back to bed, getting uploaded over the social platforms. Even most confidential and private matters are discussed in chats which makes a threat to privacy. Users are unaware of these things that their chats might get sniffed and someone might be looking and sniffing your network. So, to tackle this situation, you need zAnti APK to make sure your network is secure place to make chats and other online stuff freely.

Features zAnti APK for Android

ZAnti is an advanced tool for all the professional interception features. It comes up with most sleek and easy to use design. Some of the main features of zAnti are as follow:

  • Scan the network in various level of intensity to figure out the specific vulnerabilities.
  • Diagnose vulnerabilities automatically within websites and smartphones through MitM (Man in the Middle) attack and metasploit.
  • Evaluate the security loopholes in the network and mobile devices and report the outcome with zAnti’s advanced cloud based reporting mirrors.

Download zAnti APK Toolkit

Click here to download zAnti APK penetration testing toolkit for Android ans start it on the go.


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