Download SuperScan 4 Free

Download SuperScan 4 Free

Download SuperScan 4 and get hands on to this powerful port scanning tool for network analysis.

Superscan is a freemium port scanning tool developed for TCP & UDP port detection on a network and analyzing the victim machine for active services through it’s ports. Superscan 4 is an upgraded and redesigned with some more powerful features like Windows Enumeration to perform various penetration tasks on the Windows platform. Superscan is also an advanced resolver, pinger, resolver and very popular and powerful Windows port scanning tool.

Superscan 4 is used by the professional network administrators, penetration testers as well the newbies for the analyzing the network’s security. Network administrators use it for network security analysis for all the checks to make sure no an backdoor is open to intruders. It makes sure that system is secure against unauthorized port connections to the computer or network.


Here’s some the the operations that it can perform on a Windows

  • Information of System’s NetBIOS
  • Gather the Information of User and Group Accounts
  • Access to Network
  • Active Running Services
  • Trusted Domains
  • Efficient Faster Scanning
  • Unlimited IP Ranges Scanning Supported
  • Powerful Host Detection via Various ICMP Techniques
  • TCP and UDP Scanning
  • Support IP Address Import
  • Scans Source Port
  • Efficient Host name Resolver
  • Simple and Clean Results Report
  • Huge List of Prebuilt Port Database
  • Scanning Results Sorting Order Supported
  • Capable of Windows Enumeration
  • Strong Pinger
  • Traceroute and faster Whois lookup.

Download SuperScan 4 Free

Click here to download Superscan 4 free and start scanning the ports and IP addresses over your network..


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