Download SQL Vulnerable Sites List of 2017

download sql vulnerable sites list 2017

SQL Vulnerable Sites List

SQL is the Structured Query Language used for the databases. In this attack, attacker figures out errors of SQL through browser and after finding a error, he hits that error to exploit attack. These errors are basically known as vulnerabilities. So, attacker finds out vulnerability in a website and exploit to perform different actions. Download sql vulnerable sites list.

SQL injection is widely used for checking the security of a website. It is quite simple method to hack into a website. There are various SQLi vulnerable websites till today through which anyone can be in the database of the site and can get admin username and password through which can easily login into the admin panel and then easily can deface the website. You can follow a complete step by step tutorial on how to hack a website through sql injection here.

There’s a huge list of SQL vulnerable websites, SQL injection is widely used technique through many platforms and tools. I am here posting a list of SQL vulnerable sites list.

Download SQL Vulnerable Sites List

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