Remcos RAT is a ultimate lightweight and fast remote administration tool powered with a huge range of powerful functionalities all packed in this single Remcos package. It’s high compressed that it’s size is even below 1mb. Server side is developed in C++ that makes it super powerful and small in size. Performance and speed have been a priority in the development. Remcos supports all the operating systems including server editions. Remcos professional doens’t require any special requirements to run. Download Remcos professional v2.2.0 full version.


  • Robust connection
    – It keeps permanent connection alive with the remote host.
    – Data is transmitted through Encryption.
  • Auto-Pilot Tasks
    – You don’t even need to check download logs and files manually. These all actions work on auto-pilot.
  • Mass Commands
    – Execute mass commands to all connected remote computers at once.
  • Surveillance functions
    -Monitor remote devices with fully stealth mode.
  • Password recovery lets attacker save all the passwords and credit cards info from the browsers.
  • Remote ScreenLogger captures screenshots of target device on a time-interval.
  • Keylogger stores all the key strokes of online as well offline usage.
  • Remote Camera capture real time photos and videos through target device.
  • Remote Microphone records and send all the real time audio conversation of the remote computer.
  • Stealth Mode runs in fully stealth mode that doesn’t make suspicious to target.

Download Remcos Professional v2.2.0 Full Version

Clich here to download Remcos professional full version. Password is BreachSec.