OctoSniff Download (Xbox Resolver, PSN Resolver & PlayStation Resolver)

Download OctoSniff 2.0.3 full version

Download Octosniff 2.0.3 Full Version, an ultimate PlayStaion and Xbox IP Sniffer Tool for Gamers. Find the other players who’s playing against you. 

OctoSniff is a network research tool that allows you to determine information about all the other players you’re playing with. It is compatible with PS, XBox 360 and XBox One. It have many other features that make it a great sniffing tool. Some people think it might be a tool like Wireshark or Cain n Abel. No, it’s not a tool like that. It simply sniffs players that let you know who’s really playing. Download OctoSniff 2.0.3 full version. It’s only for educational purposes to use.

Features for Xbox Resolver, PSN Resolver & PlayStation Resolver

There’s plenty of exciting features of octosniff that makes it a very powerful xbox resolver and ps4 ip resolver as well. Explore some of the most exciting features.

Advanced Packet Filters

Octosniff is packed with very powerful and advanced filter methods that makes is super easy to find the games on the go without any worries or updates required. This advanced filter let you identify the packets completely automatically without any manual action like: which packet is coming from which side of the game; which one is coming from the Server IP of game or coming from the Xbox Chat.

User Friendly GUI – Easy to Understand

It’s designed in a way that is very easy to understand even for the non-tech users. It’s friendly GUI let you find all the packets you were looking for. That’s not all. It even have powerful dynamic filters that makes sorting and detection more easy. PS4 Decryption lets the gamers find and match usernames to it’s associated IP address.

Advanced Xbox Resolver

Not any other tool in the market can compete with the Xbox resolver decryption for it’s advanced features. It’s very instant in working and decrypts all the packets like Xbox Chat and Game server IP etc.

Powerful PSN Resolver and PlayStation Resolver

When it comes to PS4, Octoniff takes the leading position in that too and proves one of the best psn resolver and playstation resolver. It lets users to find the users through it’s associated IP addresses and makes sure to identify which packers are coming from that specific user.

octosniff download - xbox resolver - psn resolver - playstation resolver

More Features

  • VPN Optimized: It takes care about the security and privacy issues and to tackle that issue, octosniff is packed with powerful and optimized VPN solution.
  • Supports Wireless & Wired Spoofing: There’s no limitations on the gaming environment of the gamers, octosniff supports all the gamers no matter if one is connected through wired connection or playing over the wireless network.
  • Detects Geo IP and Complete Location: It detects accurate Geo IP location of the user by resolving their IP address with no time.

  • Change their IP’s: Once identified the IP address of a user either by their username or by anonymously, you can change the IP address of the user with ease.
  • ARP Spoofing: Packed with built in ARP Spoofing to work on wireless and wired connections.
  • Complete Player Info: Gives detailed information of other players like ISP, country and even city
  • Works on all the gaming consoles perfectly
  • Usernames Search: It lets you search the usernames of all the Players in the Lobby to know who’s playing other side
  • User Friendly GUI: Octosniff is very easy to work with for it’s super easy to setup with it’s user-friendly GUI interface.

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Octosniff Supported Games

There’s two types of supported games, ones are for which octosniff supports both IP and username sniffer while the seconds are the ones for which it only resolves the IP address.

List of IP & Username Supported Games

  • Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Minecraft
  • Dying Light
  • Table Top Racing: World Tour
  • Monopoly & Uno
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • 7 Days To Die
  • Prominence Poker
  • Grand Turismo

List of only IP Supported Games

  • EA SPORTS UFC Series
  • Call Of Duty Series
  • FIFA Series
  • Battlefield 4
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • NBA Series
  • Game Servers

OctoSniff Download (Xbox Resolver, PSN Resolver & PlayStation Resolver)

Click here to download octosniff 2.0.3 full version.

How to setup and use Octosniff Video Demonstration


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