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download droidsheep apk - droidsheep hacking app

Droidsheep is an open source application that allows to intercept non-secure web browser sessions over the WiFi. It is developed and designed for ethical use, with core purpose of security vulnerability testing. Droidsheep APK can be installed on any rooted Android device to get started. We and app developer Corsin Camichel or not any other person is responsible of your actions or risks you might face. You are responsible for all the actions and it’s results. Download droidsheep apk for android free of cost.


To run droidsheep apk on your device, you need few required things to get started.

  • Android Device (It must be rooted to run the droidsheep app.)
  • BusyBox (It requires BusyBox to be installed to execute some extra linux commands.)
  • Target over a WiFi Network

How Droidsheep Works?

Over the WiFi, when various users interact and do the transmission of messages and chats, these transmission can be captures and listened secretly. Droidsheep APK captures the data packets over the WiFi between the users (sender and receiver). Droidsheep intercepts only non-secure web browser sessions, means if you’re using HTTPS or SSL secure website, then it’s really hard to intercept the sessions. It can also intercept the packets on the SSL installed websites but it can’t decrypt and read the content. So, to be on secure side, make sure to do all the conversation or other internet usage on the encrypted secure websites and connections only. This app is good to test the security vulnerability.

Download DroidSheep APK for Android

Click here to download droidsheep apk for Android.


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