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download dendroid rat

Dendroid is a one of most popular and emerging android remote administration tools. It’s the new toy for the cyber-criminals to take over remote android devices easily. Dendroid can be used to create backdoor and to take full control of the android devices through adding code to the legitimate apps. It connects back to the command-and-control server over HTTP and gives attackers full access to perform a different malicious actions on the target device. Download Dendroid RAT free of cost and start exploring it’s powerful features.

Dendroid is developed and designed to hit the android devices and marketed by its developers as an Android RAT (remote administration tool) and is being sold for $300. Once the buyer make payment, they receive a tool called an “APK Binder” which can add malicious backdoor code to any of the android powered application, add the Dendroid RAT functionality and all its required permissions to any clean APKs Android application packages.


Some of the most powerful features of Dendroid:

  • browsing files
  • make calls to phone numbers
  • reading call logs
  • opening Web pages and browse history
  • recording calls
  • recording audio through microphone remotely
  • intercepting text messages
  • remote camera to capture photos and videos
  • opening apps
  • remotely DDoS attacks for a period of time specified by the attacker.

There are many other features you can explore with Dendroid.

Download Dendroid RAT

Click here to download Dendroid RAT. Password is BreachSec.



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