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Brutus is one of the most powerful and efficient and flexible code cracking tool that you can try. It’s available for all the Windows operating system versions which is totally free of cost to use. It’s very helpful in the computer security industry due to it’s very effective process of password recovery from the transmitted data by a machine or from the stored media. One of it’s most common method to grab the password is brute force attack, in which it keeps trying to guess for the password combination until finds the real match.


Multi step authentication engineSupports simultaneous connections to targets upto 60Works in both single username and multiple username modesSupported password lists and configurable modes of brute forceModifiable authentication sequencesCapable of resume stateProxy supported Password manipulation and list generation functionaliyHTML forms interpretationCrash reporting, error handling and recovery capable

Brutus supports the following type of authentications:

HTTP Authentication (Basic)HTTP & HTML Form/CGIPOP3FTP (File Transfer Protocol)TelnetSMBIMAPNNTPNetBusand many others.

Download Brutus Password Cracker

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