Download Angry IP Scanner, one of the best IP scanners available in the market due to it’s extensive features.

Angry IP Scanner is a very lightweight open source network scanner supporting multiple operating systems: Windows, Linux , Mac and Android. It is designed and developed for various sort of network analysis. It is powered with IP scanner and ports scanner and many other useful set of features. It’s easy to use and even doesn’t need any installation. IPScan works by pinging IP address to validate if the IP is alive or dead, checks the open ports for an IP and also check the MAC address of the device.

Angry IP scanner also know as IPScan, is very efficient due to it’s multi-threading process. It’s easy to use network scanner for Linux, Windows, Mac and Android platforms. It’s very flexible and used for different network analysis purpose. Angry IP scanner is mostly used by network admins, penetration testers and other IT engineers and technicians.


  • Network IP Scanner
  • IP Range Filters and Format Supported
  • Webservers Detection
  • Data can be extended with various Data fetchers
  • Export scan reports in different formats
  • Cross Platform supported like: Linux, Windows, Mac and Android
  • Easy to use with GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Portable (plug and play)

Download Angry IP Scanner Free

Click here to download Angry IP Scanner free of cost and start scanning the network IPs and open ports of your target.