Download Air Jack Wifi injection tool for packet sniffing over the wireless network.

AirJack is a very famous Wifi injection tool that captures the packets over a wifi network. AirJack is designed and developed to run with Linux. It comes under some different names like Packet Injection Tool, WLAN Jack & Kracker Jack. AirJack’s initial idea was to test the wireless apps for packet transmission analysis but later with time, this tool got a popularity for it’s various ethical and un-ethical purposes as well. It’s few common uses are DDOS attacks and MiTM (Man in the Middle) attacks.

AirJack has been one of the favorite tool among the hackers and penetration testers for packet injections over a Wifi network. One of it’s main usage is the ‘De-authentication of Users from the Wifi’, means it disconnects every connected user form the network as long as you want them to.

How AirJack Wifi Works?

Before the AirJack, it was a quite hard to do with a lot of tools and commands, but now Airjack made it very easy to do with it. Deauthentication is done through the MAC address of the victim machine. Once hacker got the MAC address of the target, he can easily communicate to the target node and access point directly. To disconnect the machine, AirJack will start an infinite loop to send deauthentication packets on the target machine which will keep the machine disconnected from the network until these packets transmission stops.

Attacker disconnects users from the network for a reason as wanted to break into the Wifi network during the initial hackshakes to capture the Wifi password. But sometimes some users can do it for fun too. You can check out a detailed Wifi Deauthenticatoin Attack tutorial.

Download Air Jack Free

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