Cain and Abel Software is a very popular and powerful password recovery tool for all the Microsoft Windows Operating systems. Free Cain and Abel download.

Cain and Abel download is a very powerful free password recovery software for all Microsoft Windows powered devices. Cain and Abel software allows you to recover various kind of passwords easily through sniffing packets over the network. It is capable of cracking large number of passwords including encrypted passwords through brute force, dictionary attack, decoding scrambled password, striping off the cached passwords, cryptanalysis and analyzing the routing protocols.

Cain and able software performs some security loophole checks and determine the security of a network and it’s integrated protocols, authentication types and various other working mechanisms. Password recovery is it’s one of the main purpose, which is quite straight forward to use with the Microsoft Windows operating system powered devices.

Cain and Able Software Features

  • Sniff packets and cracks Wifi passwords.
  • Sniff data stored on local drives and captures the passwords.
  • Recover the passwords for Windows powered devices.
  • Automated password cracking through different attacks like Brute Force, Dictionary Based and etc.
  • Strip off the hidden passwords.
  • Decoder for Windows Password Vault.

Some New Features

Cain and Abel download latest version is more powerful than ever before with some amazing new added features like ARP sniffing and MitM (Man in the Middle) attacks. The new sniffer is even capable of analyzing encrypted packets and protocols like HTTPS, SSH and extended filters for passwords capture and authentications. All the other system and network security related utilities have been upgraded that includes brute force attacks, dictionary based attacks, routing protocols, algorithms for hashing, password decoders and various type of authentications.

  • LSA Secret Dumper Support.
  • Decoder for Credential Manager
  • Edit box stripper.
  • Fake certificates with Original extensions.
  • Sniffer filter for ARP-RDP.
  • Custom Certificate Injection into HTTPS.
  • Anti-cache and Anti-compress feature.
  • Speed optimized for ARP Engine, Certificate Collector and APR-SSL sniffers.
  • Decoder for Base64 passwords.

Cain and Abel Download

Click here to download Cain and Abel free of cost and start testing your device’s security loopholes.