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best call tracking softwares

Find the best call tracking software for your business. Read user reviews of leading systems. Free comparisons, demos and price quotes. We have done the hard work for you to help you choose the right call tracking software you need.

You can say that analytics are very important for developing a successful online marketing campaign. You’re all familiar with Google Analytics and Google Ads. But you may not have a full understanding of lead data and conversion data even when you are already tracking all of your activities online, unless you are tracking phone calls as well.

Phone call tracking is an essential part of marketing analysis that enables you to reduce flaws by analyzing which offline and digital marketing strategies lead clients to take their calls. You may already have the idea of your customer, but call tracking can help you more for information on your customer base. So by call tracking you can understand your targeted audience more efficiently.

Besides, call recording can help you to how effective your customer service is and the interaction of your team with customers. You can analyze their tactics better and determine areas that need attention for increasing conversion rates.  Whether you are doing your own business or in a company that can help you to monitor your marketing campaigns’ performance to eventually boost your Return on Investment.

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Features of the Best Call Tracking Software

No matter which call tracking software you are going to use make sure your call tracking software must have the following features:

  1. Price

When you’re going to select a call tracking software for you the price of each software with all plans, additional phone number fees, and extra calling minute changes need to be compare.

  1. Easy to use

Before selecting a call tracking software make sure it is easy to install and use for your  team.

  1. Customer’s Profiles

A good call tracking software allows you to make a profile of every customer by detaining all the data of them.

  1. Call management tools

If you are planning to use your call tracking software program for your sales team make sure your software comes with call recording, call forwarding, and automated interactive menus for your team to improve your work.

  1. Keyword Level Tracking

The software for call tracking enables you to track multiple keyword marketing campaigns. When a customer visits your web pages on multiple networks, the call tracking software assigns a specific number to them. Each of the numbers is assigned to only one landing page at any one time, enabling the visitor to see this unique number during the whole stay. When the customer calls you by using that unique number you will be able to know the campaign and the keyword that is used in this call. This data is also stored through Google Analytics to show as a conversion.

  1. Campaign Level Tracking

It is almost similar to the keyword level tracking that allows you to observe both online and offline campaigns driving calls. Campaign-level tracking also assigns unique numbers to specific campaigns. When customers view the different ads and call the unique numbers displayed, you will be able to know which campaigns are resulting in leads.

  1. Multi-Channel Attribution Tracking

To reach their customers, companies use numerous marketing channels. For eg, printing ads, videos, podcasts, digital ads, etc. Multichannel identification enables customer contact to be tracked in real time with these marketing channels.

  1. Call Routing

Most call tracking software may have their IVR systems or they are connected with others that you may already be using it. They can work with these systems to make sure your calls are automatically sent to the right person, team, or department.  

  1. Customizable

Your company is different from other companies and you also have a unique sales team before selecting a call tracking software to make sure it should be customized enough to meet your requirements.

  1. Reporting

Different call tracking software comes with different reporting tools,  before selecting a software each solution’s reporting tools and features need to compare.

  1. Customer support

The software for call tracking offers tools and contact channels for each service and also the hours for which they are available.

  1. Additional features

Before selecting a call tracking software make sure how perfectly it is integrated with existing voice-over-internet-protocol business phone features like voicemail.

Best Call Tracking Software of 2020

Now let’s discuss the best call tracking software in depth to learn which one is the best fit for you.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is famous for its wide set of features. It comes with many different products, such as the HubSpot Marketing Hub, that are built on top of a core CRM toolkit. HubSpot allows you to facilitate the operation of your business with tools that monitor important customer relations. However, in comparison to many of its competitors HubSpot’s CRM features focus more on website management.

The capacity of HubSpot to integrate with over 300 third-party applications is one of the great things, and you do not have to change your existing technology load. Just a few clicks allow you to create a standardized Inbox that includes all your messages throughout platforms such as Gmail and Slack.

Hub Spot is one of the most effective CRM programs in the market today through its flexible app integration, advanced contact tracking, and sales pipeline analysis software. But it isn’t just a tool for enterprise companies who can afford the cream of the crop. But can also be used for small businesses without a paid subscription therefore it is worth considering.

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  1. ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND offers a complete, web-based automation platform for SMEs as well as digital marketing agencies. ActiveDEMAND packages range from the fully operated call tracking application to the powerful Marketing Agency portal programmed for digital marketing agencies with multi-client management needs.

ActiveDEMAND comes with all features you need in a marketing automation platform including email, social media management, landing pages, integrated appointment scheduling, call tracking, SMS, Google Analytics and contact management, and a lot more. ActiveDEMAND distinguishes itself from other software through its unique prospect engagement tracking, real-time segmentation and allocation, and the way the platform helps digital marketing companies manage and deliver value to their clients.

In addition to saving time for reporting results to customers, reporting on the table, analytics and real-time alerts by ActiveDEMAND is more reliable, more comprehensive, and worthwhile. Customers can see exactly what their sales and bottom-line impact with full attribution reporting.

  1. CallFire

The CallFire system is perfect for every customer type. The program is easily used to increase a small business team or contribute towards improving corporate efficiency. CallFire is an efficient software which designed to assist businesses to automate output campaigns and simplify them.  It is a simple software solution combining CRM and Excel sheets for providing the records, notes, and history of customers to customer support staff in one go.

A wide range of features including SDR, IVR, Call Center, API, call monitoring, IVR, and voice transmission is supported by CallFire. Its SMS and voice transmission makes it easy for agents to give customers feedback, reminders, and promotions. Moreover, the Interactive Voice Response System can allow users to set up appointment reminders, surveys, payments, and pools. CallFire also provides a range of secure solutions for text and speech. These tools allow agents to connect with and communicate with clients through customized channels.

  1. Convirza

Convirza is a call optimization and call monitoring tool that allows organizations of all sizes to produce and invest in marketing outcomes. This software helps users to make telephone calls and directly track them through offline and online sources. Convirza’s call recording feature can measure customer’s thoughts and activities, but calls can tracking can work with use digital with digital ads, conventional advertising, digital ads, emails, and social media.

Convirza offers many incredible including speech recognition, local tracking numbers, visitor level tracking, multi-channel call attribution, dynamic number insertion, caller details and many more to improve marketing level.  Convirza integrates with Google Adwords, Double Click, Acquisio, API and Webhooks. Support is offered via email, phone, and live chat.

Convirza also come with Google Adwords, Double-click, Acquisio, API and Webhooks. On the other hand the support is offered via email, phone, and live chat.

  1. CrazyCall

CrazyCall is an online telephone software that provides a low-cost call center platform to users. By using CrazyCall, companies can get the required customer care and sales support. It is distinctive because this software uses local telephone numbers from over 60 countries.

CrazyCall can assist the sale process both outbound and inbound, so that teams can make phone calls from anywhere. This tool has a browser modification to assist the management of a company’s sales mission. Establishing this platform is easy and simple without the help of an IT person. Team members should actually be able to build all on their own and start making telephone calls within a minute.

CrazyCall allows users to set call queue management rules and manage several outbound projects at the same time, because it comes with an autodialer feature to make calling easy.

  1. DialogTech

DialogTech is an automation solution which mainly supports users in optimizing their mobile marketing and drives sales, conversions and increase ROIs through providing call attribution information and voice integrated marketing and sales acceleration technology insights.

DialogTech can capture website interaction by providing data on website activities of visitors before, during and after a call. Furthermore, the page from which the call was made is also listed. With such rich data analysis, users can improve and refine their marketing campaigns and boost ROIs.

It has an advanced call filtration technology that classifies calls based on marketing source, spoken words, location of caller, conversation tags and franchise to seek additional insights into what has happened in calls and discussions and to determine the level of lead quality. DialogTEch uses also an advanced but easy host IVR that qualifies telephone leads automatically before they are moved to the sales department.

  1. FluentStream

FluentStream is a unified VoIP communications system organized with the cloud, which has highly valued capabilities and tools. There is no need to purchase any special hardware or cable to install because it is hosted by the cloud. You can use the FluentStream online portal to manage the whole system.

Your staff’s tools depend on your service plan. The vital plan features are voicemail, transcription of voice mail, call detail records, call groups, online fax, phone transfers, and call transfers, and softphones.

The fluentstream mobile app is available for all users on iOS and Android devices. Calls from your corporate line and call history, contacts, messages, and faxes can be made and received from the app.

  1. CallRail

CallRail brings your inbound processing efforts together, so that you know which ads and promotions are responsible for which telephone calls, form submissions, and chat conversations. The CallRail Analytic Suite also allows users to view cost per lead split by campaign and keyword across all their marketing channels by monitoring sales staff and client interactions as well as cost per lead reporting.

Call routing, scheduling, round robin queues for sales teams, keywords, call transcripts, and much more are included in the solution. Any kind of commercial campaign from paid-for research, organic search, and radio advertising and print campaigns can be tracked by advertisers with CallRail. The product also automatically makes machine learning calls as good or bad leads so that advertisers can transmit their campaigns’ value to customers.

  1. CallAction

CallAction is a mobile web-based application that tracks and enacts incoming calls across all marketing channels. Create a local or toll-free telephone number for each of your marketing channels immediately to automatically monitor every inbound call to your phone.

CallAction provides training through documentation, webinars, online live and in person. SaaS software is the CallAction configuration tool. Before you answer your  call the pre-call text notifications will inform you  who and where calls are coming from. Its call broadcasting system increases speed to respond to calling with multiple telephone numbers ringing at the same time.

It answer your e-mail lead or telephone call instantly to improve lead conversion. With accurate, advanced drop campaigns this device automates your response and follow-up processes.

  1. CallSource

CallSource provides developed call tracking technologies using real human call analysts not machine learning to collect business information about your clients and the efficiency of your marketing program, whilst also improving the performance of customer care and your reputation as a brand as well.

CallSource is the leading technology business performance system which optimizes the sales, profit, and reputation of customers. CallSource has been the innovator in the call tracking industry and the leading analytics manager. It also provides insights for customers to work with their sales performance data to solve, strategize and implement solutions.


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