This book is intended for complete programming beginners or general people who know nothing about any programming language but want to learn ethical hacking. Let us clear it first: Ethical Hacking is not associated with any kind of illegal electronic activities. They always stay within laws. This book is intended for those people – young and old – who are creative and curious and who want to develop a creative hobby or take up internet security profession acting as ethical hacker. Keeping that in mind we’ll also learn Python 3 programming language to enhance our skill as ethical hackers. Beginning Ethical Hacking With Python PDF Download.

This book is not intended for any kind of malicious user. If anyone tries to use this book or any type of code examples from this book for illegal purpose this book will take no moral responsibility for that malicious behaviors. If you think that you can use this book for any malicious purpose then you are advised to read the first chapter “Legal Side of Ethical Hacking”. I hope you won’t like the idea of ending up in jail by harming some other systems.


Chapter 1: Legal Side of Hacking
Chapter 2: Hacking Environment, Ethical Hacking and Networking
Chapter 3: Installing Virtual Box
Chapter 4: Installing Kali Linux and Other Operating Systems on VB
Chapter 5: Linux Terminal, Basic Commands
Chapter 6: Python 3 and Ethical Hack
Chapter 10: Conditionals
Chapter 11: Loops
Chapter 12: Regular Expressions
Chapter 13: Exceptions, Catching Errors
Chapter 14: Functions
Chapter 15: Classes, Object-Oriented Methodology, The Foundation of Object Orientation, Understanding Classes and Objects, Polymorphism, Inheritance
Chapter 16: String Methods
Chapter 17: File Input And Output
Chapter 18: Containers, Operating on Tuple and List Object, Operating on Dictionary Object
Chapter 19: Database
Chapter 20: Module
Chapter 21: Debugging, Unittest Module
Chapter 22: Socket and Networking
Chapter 23: Importing Nmap Module
Chapter 24: Building an Nmap Network Scanner
Chapter 25: Protect Anonymity on the Internet
Chapter 26: Dark Web and Tor
Chapter 27: Proxy Chains
Chapter 28: Virtual Private Network or VPN
Chapter 29: MAC Address

Beginning Ethical Hacking With Python PDF Download

Click here for beginning ethical hacking with Python PDF download.