5 Best Hacking Books 2021 [Updated]

Most of the people doesn’t go with videos and read books for learning. Book reading is a really effective way to learn and understand how things work. There are plenty of books about computers, security, penetration testing and hacking. Every book shows a different angle how things work and how to make system secure and how it can be penetrated by hackers. So, here I have gathered few of the best hacking books of 2022 available in the market.

Best Hacking Books of 2022

There’s hundreds of books about hacking, but I have streamlined few of best hacking books of 2022.

1. The Hacker’s Playbook Practical Guide to Penetration

This handbook is about experting yourself with the hacking techniques in the hacker’s way. This is about penetration testing that how hackers play their techniques and how we can counter them.


  • Introduction
  • Pregame – The Setup
  • Setting Up a Penetration Testing Box
  • Before the Snap – Scanning the Network
  • The Drive – Exploiting Scanner Findings
  • The Throw – Manual Web Application Findings
  • The Lateral Pass – Moving Through the Network
  • The Screen – Social Engineering
  • The Onside Kick – Attacks that Require Physical Access
  • The Quarterback Sneak – Evading AV
  • Special Teams – Cracking, Exploits, Tricks
  • Post Game Analysis – Reporting

Download the Hacker’s Playbook Practical Guide to Penetration.

2. Android Hacker’s Handbook

The Android Hacker’s Handbook is about how the android devices can be hacked. Authors chose to write this book because the field of mobile security research is so “sparsely charted” with disparate and conflicted information (in the form of resources and techniques).


  • Chapter 1 Looking at the Ecosystem
  • Chapter 2 Android Security Design and Architecture
  • Chapter 3 Rooting Your Device
  • Chapter 4 Reviewing Application Security
  • Chapter 5 Understanding Android’s Attack Surface
  • Chapter 6 Finding Vulnerabilities with Fuzz Testing
  • Chapter 7 Debugging and Analyzing Vulnerabilities
  • Chapter 8 Exploiting User Space Software
  • Chapter 9 Return Oriented Programming
  • Chapter 10 Hacking and Attacking the Kernel
  • Chapter 11 Attacking the Radio Interface Layer
  • Chapter 12 Exploit Mitigations
  • Chapter 13 Hardware Attacks

Download Android Hacker’s Handbook.

3. Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction To Hacking

This book is an effective practical guide to penetration testing tools and techniques. How to penetrate and hack into systems. This book covers beginner level to highly advanced penetration and hacking techniques.


  • Chapter 1: Setting Up Your Virtual Lab
  • Chapter 2: Using Kali Linux
  • Chapter 3: Programming
  • Chapter 4: Using the Metasploit Framework
  • Chapter 5: Information Gathering
  • Chapter 6: Finding Vulnerabilities
  • Chapter 7: Capturing Traffic
  • Chapter 8: Exploitation
  • Chapter 9: Password Attacks
  • Chapter 10: Client-Side Exploitation
  • Chapter 11: Social Engineering
  • Chapter 12: Bypassing Antivirus Applications
  • Chapter 13: Post Exploitation
  • Chapter 14: Web Application Testing
  • Chapter 15: Wireless Attacks
  • Chapter 16: A Stack-Based Buffer Overflow in Linux
  • Chapter 17: A Stack-Based Buffer Overflow in Windows
  • Chapter 18: Structured Exception Handler Overwrites
  • Chapter 19: Fuzzing, Porting Exploits, and Metasploit Modules
  • Chapter 20: Using the Smartphone Pentesting Framework

Download Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction To Hacking.

4. The Shellcoder’s Handbook

This book is about learning shellcode’s of the OS and how OS can be exploited. This book is all about discovering and exploiting security holes in devices to takeover.

Authors: Chris Anley, John Heasman, Felix “FX” Linder, Gerardo Richarte.


  • Stack Overflows
  • Shellcode
  • Introduction to Format String Bugs
  • Windows Shellcode
  • Windows Overflows
  • Overcoming Filters
  • Introduction to Solaris Exploitation
  • OS X Shellcode
  • Cisco IOS Exploitation
  • Protection Mechanisms
  • Establishing a Working Environment
  • Fault Injection
  • The Art of Fuzzing
  • Beyond Recognition: A Real Vulnerability versus a Bug
  • Instrumented Investigation: A Manual Approach
  • Tracing for Vulnerabilities
  • Binary Auditing: Hacking Closed Source Software
  • Alternative Payload Strategies
  • Writing Exploits that Work in the Wild
  • Attacking Database Software
  • Unix Kernel Overflows
  • Exploiting Unix Kernel Vulnerabilities
  • Hacking the Windows Kernel

Download The ShellCoder’s HandBook 

5. The Hacker’s Handbook Web Application Security Flaws

This handbook is about finding and exploiting the web applications.

Autors: Dafydd Stuttard, Marcus Pinto.


  • Chapter 1 Web Application (In)security
  • Chapter 2 Core Defense Mechanisms
  • Chapter 3 Web Application Technologies
  • Chapter 4 Mapping the Application
  • Chapter 5 Bypassing Client-Side Controls
  • Chapter 6 Attacking Authentication
  • Chapter 7 Attacking Session Management
  • Chapter 8 Attacking Access Controls
  • Chapter 9 Attacking Data Stores
  • Chapter 10 Attacking Back-End Components
  • Chapter 11 Attacking Application Logic
  • Chapter 12 Attacking Users: Cross-Site Scripting
  • Chapter 13 Attacking Users: Other Techniques
  • Chapter 14 Automating Customized Attacks
  • Chapter 15 Exploiting Information Disclosure
  • Chapter 16 Attacking Native Compiled Applications
  • Chapter 17 Attacking Application Architecture
  • Chapter 18 Attacking the Application Server
  • Chapter 19 Finding Vulnerabilities in Source Code
  • Chapter 20 A Web Application Hacker’s Toolkit
  • Chapter 21 A Web Application Hacker’s Methodology

So, these are the top 5 best hacking books in the market. There may be more fascinating books in the future that make take place in the top list. But for now, these are the best hacking books. Read and share your experience about these books.

Enjoy Learning!


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