Download Python Web Penetration Testing Cookbook PDF

download python web penetration testing cookbook download

It teaches basic programming concepts using the Python programming language, which is one of the best languages for beginners. It has a gentle learning curve that novices of all ages can master, yet it’s also a powerful language used by professional software developers. Python runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and even the Raspberry Pi, and … Read moreDownload Python Web Penetration Testing Cookbook PDF

5 Best Hacking Books 2018

Most of the people doesn’t go with videos and read books for learning. Book reading is a really effective way to learn and understand how things work. There are plenty of books about computers, security, penetration testing and hacking. Every book shows a different angle how things work and how to make system secure and … Read more5 Best Hacking Books 2018

What is Dark Web / Deep Web?

Maybe you did not know, but there are two Internet. The classic Internet, the one you know and that you use everyday, on which you can read this article. It is very easily accessible and is indexed by the search engines. Next comes the deep web or the dark. Do you have question what is the dark web? Here’s the … Read moreWhat is Dark Web / Deep Web?